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Jumpmaster is a three person sketch about an individual, Drew, seeking themself. It was written as a response to a given prompt of "jumping out of an airplane" and "a therapist is in charge of the activity". This is the first draft. In the future, I'd also like to post rewrites and...

Guru of the Smokes

The prompt for this first draft was, "An employee smoke break". A short little sketch that parodies the Moses and the burning bush story a bit. I can also see the Guru of the Smokes becoming a recurring character that people might return to time and time again for advice.

Daddy’s Princess

A first draft of a touching little monologue about children and their recitals and how their parents struggle to be there for them.


RIP Curiosity Rover. RIP.

Three Generals

In the dark recesses of our government, there are people laboring to keep us safe. These people are not machines. They are humans, with human needs; they hunger; they thirst; they...love. A brief sketch about love in honor of Valentine's Day.

Top Five Commandments for Texting

Everything you wanted to know about texting but were afraid to ask.

The Allendale Trail

Childhood memories of fording a river, broken wagon yokes, and dying of dysentery.

Brass Monkey

More snow and ice inspired two liners for a news segment. Sorry about the frequency of these a fewer posts of other items.

The Beverage Protests

Grand Rapids is Beer City USA. You can't swing a cat without hitting a microbrewery. Pity all they make are IPAs.

The Groundhog Sees His Shadow

With Saturday, the day that I actually wrote this, being Groundhog Day, I started wondering about the name of a groundhog's home. Is it a burrow? Is it a den? Then I discovered, or remembered, that rabbits live in warrens. Then I thought of Elizabeth Warren. Well you see where this is...