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Top Five Things Not to Do While Quarantined with the COVID-19

Top 5 List
Cabin fever starting to ratchet up. Remember not to do these five things.

Confused Community College Students

MCC students saved by well worded sign.

Cats Was Only the Beginning

...what do we have to look forward to in a new West Side Story? If the oddities from Cats are any indication, then here's some of what we might be able to expect.

Love Letters and a Prohibition for the Poet Laureate

The letters shed contain details of Eliot's personal life, opinions of the literary community, his career, and a final instruction to his estate. A surprising letter with a prophetic warning:

Top Five Things to Say to Your In-Laws on Thanksgiving

Top 5 List
After you put it in, how long will it take?If I don't unbutton my pants I'll explode!Does it always pop up so fast?Sucking the nitrous out of the whipped cream is how I tolerate you. Did I say that out loud?I didn't expect this. You all came at once.

Advice: Ask a Playbill Bio

Dear Playbill Bio, I really love smoking weed. I want...

Top Five Commandments for Texting

Top 5 List
Everything you wanted to know about texting but were afraid to ask.

The Allendale Trail

Childhood memories of fording a river, broken wagon yokes, and dying of dysentery.

Federal Employees Nearly Riot in Back to Work Shopping

WASHINGTON DC – It was the most wonderful time of the year for teen aged children across the United States on Monday morning this week.  Thousands of furloughed non-essential government employees returned to work and permitted their high-school children to have the house to themselves for those precious 3 hours every weekday afternoon. Jan Johnson,...

S.T.E.M. is Out – Applied Social Outrage is In

BERKLEY, CA – The University of California, Berkley, announced today a new program of study in its College of Letters and Sciences: Applied Social Outrage.  The new UC Berkley major will provide young privileged middle-class students with a method and focus for their outrage. “Our advantaged youth are becoming more and more agitated over issues...