Airlines Provide Chili’s Gift Cards and Hyatt Vouchers as Severance for Furloughed Employees


CHICAGO, IL – As the global pandemic moves into it’s ninth month, airlines have suffered tremendous losses.  With light at the end of the tunnel, United, Delta, and several other carriers have announced layoffs in the tens of thousands.

Fortunately, the airlines are offering a gracious severance package for those furloughed:  Chili’s gift cards and hotel vouchers for the airport Hyatt.  Airline spokesperson, Will Westers, stated this is standard procedure and was agreed to by all employees in their terms of carriage when they accepted their positions.

Update:  Some airlines have offered to come to employee homes, take their belongings, and lose them for the duration of the layoff.  Conveniently returning them once the layoffs are over.   Maybe.