Where Are They Now – Beast Man

Where Are They Now?

GREYSKULL, ETERNIA – In 1985 Beastman was at the pinnacle of success as a strong-arm in the service of Skeletor.  Frustrated with no advancement opportunity, a toxic work environment, and a mountain of dry-cleaning bills for repeated dousing in the slime pit of The Evil Horde, Beast Man decided it was time for a change and acted on that decision.  He started a remote learning program in sociology and hasn’t looked back since.

“The work just wasn’t as rewarding as it was in the beginning.  I was one of the first 3 in The Evil Horde.  The newcomers were really crude and disrespectful.”, says Beast Man as I interviewed him in his classic brownstone near Boston Yard.  He found the hardest thing was everyone calling him beastman.  Beast Man recounted the harassment for me, “Sure, I’m a beastman.  Just like you’re a human.  But I have a name.  It’s Beast Man.  How would you like it if everyone you knew called you “human” instead of Jonathan.”

Beast Man and I spent time discussing his teaching at the university.  He’s a professor of sociology and has a class that’s a favorite with the students every semester, Class Conflict and Inequalities in the Villain Subculture.  There’s a long waiting list every semester.  Beast Man feels that his educating the young inquiring minds of this generation is his penance for years of bullying others and failed attempts at domination of all Eternia.

When he’s not teaching his students at Harvard, he’s busy taking care of his herb garden.  Beast Man has adopted two cats and a dog and grows lemon grass for the cats to snack on.  The dog, a mixed breed rescue, is his soul mate and he can frequently be seen running with the dog through the many Boston green space parks.  But Beast Man hasn’t completely abandoned his past work.  He named his canine companion: Prince Eric.

…and that’s where Beast Man of Eternia is now.