Boating Accidents Surge as Biden-Harris Inauguration Nears


As the Biden-Harris administration begins to release details of their plan for the first 100 days of their administration, lake traffic for recreational boaters is surging in the cool November weather.  One of the first executive orders planned is to put strict limitations on handguns and semi-automatic long guns.

The increase in boater traffic has also brought an unprecedented number of accidents afloat.  Thousands of boaters have swamped, capsized, or suffered severe listing of their watercraft and lost objects that weren’t secured on deck.  The number one item lost to Davy Jones Locker?  Handguns and long guns.

The Coast Guard, NTSB, and BTAF have pledged to get to the bottom of the issue.  House Democrats are certain that it is due to climate change induced rogue waves and Chuck Schumer is convinced it is a Russian plot.  The NRA had no comment on the issue.