Breaking News: NFL Fans Leaving SOC 201 Lectures in Droves


LOS ANGELES, CA – The 2020 NFL season was the year of the game changer.  Old guys with cigars and bourbon met around an antique mahogany board room table and proclaimed, “This is the year we start teaching social justice.”

The assembled owners realized that the fans would appreciate their Sunday afternoon escape vehicle being commandeered as a lesson in unacceptable behavior.  The owners felt sorry for the fans and knew they would drink from the font of righteousness if the owners just opened the doors.  The owners knew that the fans had suffered through a half century of entertainment and relaxation but were clamoring for race relation reeducation.  Now.A lone small-minded voice at the back of the room questioned the move as fiscally irresponsible no matter how moral.  The other owners struggled to choose an appropriate punishment from the available options: spousal abuse, dog fighting, substance abuse, and homicide.  They tabled the decision until their next regular board meeting, hoping the issue would just go away on its own.