DNC Staffers Relieved No One is Watching Disappointing Content


MILWAUKEE, WI – Democratic National Committee production assistants exhausted a huge sigh of relief as Neilson Ratings for the 2020 DNC national convention were released this week.  As 2020 unfolds, we continue to be surprised with the world.  Who would have expected that the DNC convention would be so lackluster that the production staff would be so under impressed, that they were happy no one was watching?

The DNC Convention drew 6.13 million viewers on broadcast networks on Tuesday night.  This is a 48% drop from the 2016 numbers.  The lack of energy in prerecorded speeches has dampened the usual energy. With poor performances and lack of substance further exacerbating this decline.

Even Julia Louise Dreyfuss, Emmy winning actress for HBO’s Veep. couldn’t bring interest or excitement.  It’s just not good programming.  The candidates and content aren’t just resonating with anyone.  Repeats of Seinfeld are more interesting.  Reading Faulkner novels is more interesting.  Watching flies fuck is more interesting.