Engineers Over Analyze Premise of Engineer’s Week – Thought That Was the Point

Engineers Plotting and Scheming

MOTOR CITY, MI – 7 Days.  Ask any engineer how many days in a week and that’s the answer you’ll get.  So why does our country celebrate National Engineer’s Week for 8?

National Engineer’s Week are the days bracketing George Washington’s Birthday, Saturday to Saturday. “That’s 8 days!”, shouted Pete Perterson, “Or a poorly worded specifying document.”, he snickered.  Pete went on to explain about the engineering of each and every item in the room.

The National Association of Engineers have drafted a peer reviewed analysis of the length of Engineer’s Week.  The document took into account time dilation due to both gravitational and velocity effects and time averaging across several cultural calendars.  The analysis clearly showed that with no reasonable probability are there ever 8 days in a week.