GVSU Frat Brothers Disillusioned After Learning Full Beaver Moon Is Just Another Moon


There was a time when the Full Beaver Moon signaled the time to set traps before the swamps froze over to ensure a good supply of furs for winter.  Now it just means that you’re a bit edgy and possibly Wiccan.  Unfortunately for a GVSU fraternity it still has nothing to do with sorority sisters flashing their genitalia at unsuspecting passersby.“I’m so torqued off!”, grunted Joe D., a sophomore kinesiology major.  “I signed up for ASTR 232 after hearing about the Full Beaver Moon.  Turns out it was just another moon.”  Joe and his fraternity brothers were expecting hot babes and snap chat, not lunar cartography and orbital mechanics.  Joe decided to drop ASTR 232 and sign up for GEO 131, Rocks for Jocks, for his science credit.