Hair Dresser: If I Can Spy on the Speaker of the House, I Can Spy on a Jail Cell.


SAN FRANCISCO, CA – This week NBC-Bay Area announced that the Cow Hollow salon that recorded Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, violating mask mandates for her own personal desires, would be closing its doors permanently.  Owner or E Salon, Erica Kious, stated that the environment had become too hostile.

The salon closing is not the end of the road for Kious.  She will be converting the business into a security and surveillance contracting firm almost at once.  Kious discovered that if, in the words of the third person in the chain of command of the United States, “She was fooled and setup.”, she would make more money as a security consultant specializing in surveillance.  Kious will be opening her new company, E Surveillance, immediately.

E Surveillance announced their first customer, the Metropolitan Correctional Center in Manhattan.  The jail where Jeffrey Epstein was murdered.