I Weep for Our Future. Table of 4 Teens Eats Meal Without Complaining

Adult Onset Karenhood

FOREST HILLS, MI – Local woman, Karen Van Vanderjack, witnessed a table of four teens at a local restaurant navigate through the meal without complaining once.  Karen was aghast at the poor behavior.

“I had just finished sending my onion rings back because they were too ovally.”, said Karen, “When I saw the group of teenagers come in, properly wearing masks, and not complaining about the 5-minute wait while the staff got a sub-par table ready for the kids.”

Karen went on to state how sad she was at the kid’s behavior since they didn’t complain about the mask requirement, having to wait a few minutes, or how drafty their table would be if someone opened the emergency exit door.  She further explained that she nearly lost her cool when she watched the server bring them their meals and they just ate them.  No complaining.  No sending them back.  No disappointed tongue clucking with passive aggressive overtones.

“Oh, she lost her cool.”, editorialized Karen’s husband Paul.

“That beautiful woman has a record of 435 evenings of dining out and complaining about some facet of the evening.”, whispered Paul.

764 by Karen’s count.  She had oral surgery and was on some heavy pain killers.  The drug induced euphoria put her in a particularly good mood, and she didn’t complain at an Olive Garden that night.Karen went on to reveal that her experience that evening was what made her feel duty bound to bullying waitstaff as a public service.