Local Man Devotes Saturdays to Teaching Shoppers How to Count to 10 Items or Less

Counting is Hard

ALLENDALE, MI – Disgusted with so many Michigander’s inability to count past ten, Paul VanKloppen spends every Saturday helping the misguided find the right lane at the grocery store.

Following retirement, Paul needed an outlet for his charitable time.  All the big causes, homelessness, child hunger, and environmentalism, were chockfull and overcrowded.  This led Paul to strike out on his own and fix people up right.  It was his mission to educate shoppers with more than 10 items in the 10 items of less lane.

“It’s a dirty job, but somebody’s got to do it!”, proclaimed Paul.

“He’s a real asset to the community.”, said Todd Toddson, financial planner.  “I used to stop in here for my soy milk, protein powder, and graham flour on my way to the gym and there would be a single mom with like 11 or 12 items and a crying baby.  Paul’s selfless giving shamed them into using the other lanes.”

Paul recalled a high point. “I remember once explaining to a college student that just because you had 3 bags of Doritos, 4 bottles of Boon’s Farm, and 4 jars of salsa that it’s still 11 items.  Not three.  At first, she was really surprised, but then a tear formed in the corner of her eye and she broke down over the casual inconsiderateness she had displayed over the years.”

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