Michelle Obama Fucks Up Convention Menu Worse Than School Lunches

Michelle Obama Fucks Up Menus Again

MILWAUKEE, WI – Michelle Obama was the featured speaker at tonight’s DNC event where she unveiled her plan to replace the typical, opulent convention fare with a more nutritious food.  The typical food at a DNC convention is extravagant and tastes good.  Michelle Obama decided, in the interest of promoting healthy delegates, she should switch the food up to something healthy, tasteless, and generally unappealing.

Speaking on the condition of anonymity, one delegate stated, “the food tastes like vomit.  I now understand where the kids in Kentucky were coming from.”  The delegate was referencing a Kentucky High School student that stated something similar during the Obama Administration.

One of the convention hospitality workers noted that Michelle comes across as a people person, but she doesn’t seem to have an understanding of very basic economics.  “If you make a product nobody wants, you put people out of work.  Regardless of how well intentioned your methods are.”