National Geographic Expedition Discovers Final Resting Place of Old Magazines


PORT CHARLES, NY – A National Geographic expedition to an anonymous doctor’s waiting room unearthed thousands of old and rare magazines in the waiting room.  NatGeo Archeologists are hesitant to reveal the location of the find until the artifacts have been properly catalogued.

“I walked in there for a simple prostate exam.  Next thing I know I’m uncovering priceless magazines.”, said Dr. Notanazi PhD.  Dr. Notanazi highlighted some of his findings for Grand Beacon staff.  The findings include the very first People, with Mia Farrow on the cover; The 1977 issue of Time Magazine warning of the coming ice age; and a copy of Highlights for Children so old it was printed on vellum and the hidden object had you finding Tories amongst the revolutionary colonists.

Dr. Notanazi plans to visit T.S.A (Truck Stops of America) locations to look for lost to time DVD movies as he travels across the United States this summer.