New Provider for Vile East Michigan Scents


For years the Flint Candle Company has dominated the Eastern Michigan scented luminaries market.  Not any more if the start up, Flint River Candle Company, has their way. Today the Flint River Candle Company released the first scents of its 2020 holiday season offerings.  The Flint River Candle Company is offering scents unique to the Eastern Michigan market: Lead Water Wisp, Legionnaire’s Lullaby, Afterbirth of General Motors, and Abandonment of the Disenfranchised.

Lead Water Wisp captures the foul look, smell, and taste of the Flint River in a portable 24-ounce soy candle.  Legionnaire’s Lullaby releases actual biologic contagions into your air so that you sleep like a person suffering from advanced pneumonia.  Afterbirth of General Motors is made with seven actual carcinogens from automobile plants.  Finally, Abandonment of the Disenfranchised is a creative packaging of the aromas of the citizens of Flint who were left behind by those tasked with looking out for them.Flint Candle Company is committed to using only renewable resources in their candles.  Only natural water from the Flint River is used in the production of their candles with a minimum lead level of 60%.  The finest free range fecal coliform bacterial are harvested for use in the candles and virgin total trihalomethanes are sourced from the Flint communities.