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The US Government – It’s Back for a Limited Time Only

WASHINGTON D.C. - Last Friday, the 25th of January, congress and the president came to an agreement and decided to open the federal government for a limited time only. That's right, unless congress and the president can come to an agreement on border security, the federal government will again, be put into cold storage.

Remember When – Media Employment

Another quick attempt at a recurring segment for a news broadcast. Basically a segment piece called Remember When? The reporter brings you down memory lane, but in the end ends up embarrassing him/herself, or the organization they represent.

Checkpoint Allendale

Papers please. You are about to enter the democratic socialist republic of my yard.

Allendale After Dark Vol. 6 Ep. 01

In which we are welcomed to The Great White North...

Where Are They Now? – King Moonracer

This could be fun to turn into a recurring segment on a news type show. ?I submitted it as an audition for a writer slot on a local comedy night. We shall see.

Excuses, Excuses, Excuses…

I've really got to make more of an effort to post more of what I write. This is a little thing I threw together on a train ride from Chicago to Grand Rapids. It's fun and light hearted. Hope you enjoy it.

NFL Addresses Head First Hits

With the start of the NFL season, the National Football League has modified the rules related to hits with the head and helmet.  Players are no longer allowed to lead with the head. There is a decided hope by the league that this will lead to fewer concussions.  Furthermore there is a decided hope by Americans that the NFL will...

Allendale After Dark Vol 5 Episode 6.1

In which Rabbit gets a grammar lesson...

The Bandit is Gone but Not Forgotten

You heard wrong. I'm not dead.

Inverted Jenny – Portent of the Future

This week a rare stamp, The Inverted Jenny, surfaced.  There are only 100 of these stamps in existence and each of them bears a hand written number on the reverse side of the stamp.  The hallmark of the stamp is its flaw that the biplane on the front is printed upside down.  This particular stamp, No. 49, has not...