President Elect Appoints Cats to Cabinet, Fulfilling Promise to Return Cats to White House


WILMINGTON, DE – The President Elect and Dr. Biden recently disclosed that it has been too long since the paws of a pet graced the White House.  They will be bringing their German shepherds with them to the executive residence.  They then discovered that there hadn’t been a presidential cat since Socks left the White House with the Clinton family.  So, Joe promised his wife that there indeed will be cats in the White House soon.

The President Elect desires to bridge the divide in our nation.  A Secretary of Defense in the caliber of Dick Chaney was needed.  President Elect Biden appoints M.A.D. Cat as Secretary of Defense.

M.A.D. Cat – Secretary of Defense
Rum Tum Tugger – Secretary of State

Nothing says Secretary of State like a rebellious Jellicle cat who loves being the center of attention.  So the next cat joining the presidential catbinet, of course, Rum Tum Tugger.

President Elect Biden knows he has, on occasion, made a gaff or two while speaking.  So to draw the heat the Doctor’s husband will be making Am and Si joint communications directors.  He figures their offensiveness may make his gaffs not look so bad.

Am and Is – Communications Directors

And for the final appointment of the week, with respect to all the hard workin’, hard sweatin’, and hard livin’ workers who do the real work for a living, Smelly Cat as Secretary of Labor.