Restaurant Protests Lockdown with Stuffed Pandas. Chopped Pecan and Cherry Compote Masks the Gaminess Well


FRANKFURT, GERMANY – A Frankfurt restaurant, Pino, is protesting the lockdown with stuffed pandas.  German officials have shutdown bars, restaurants and entertainment venues while permitting shops and schools to remain open.  Pino’s management was shocked when their stuffed panda became a favorite of the local stuffed panda population.  “Who’d of thunk that pandas crave stuffed pandas?”, Said Guiseppe Fichera, owner.

The restaurant’s tables were filled to capacity as stuffed pandas swarmed in to consume the panda fillets wrapped about a Chopped Pecan and Cherry Compote.  Giggles, chortles, and guffaws filled the dining room as the pandas finished their entrees and tumbled out of the building in search of bamboo shoots and leaves for dessert.

The pandas’ favorite beer pairing with stuffed panda?  Oddly enough, Corona with lime.