Seahawks’ Kemah Siverand Regrets Skipping Costume Design Theatre Class at Texas A&M

Kemah Siverand

STILLWATER, OK – The Seattle Seahawks cut Kemah Siverand as he attempted to sneak a woman into his hotel disguised as a Seattle Seahawks player.  Unfortunately, Siverand avoided attending his Costume Design classes at Oklahoma State over the past few years and dressed his female companion as a “Lingerie League” player instead of a Seattle Seahawks player.  Siverand was caught on video attempting to sneak in a female visitor, who was reportedly wearing team gear “in an attempt to disguise her as a player.”

Siverand played on both offense and defense at Texas A&M during his freshman and sophomore year. His play time increased as soon as he transferred to Oklahoma State as a junior where he played on the special teams and in the cornerback position.  Team and League leadership is disappointed in his lack of judgement regarding costume selection.