She Said, “I Want a Tea Party, but with Mermaids.”


BOSTON, MA – Local Father, Chad Steinway, was heartbroken and embarrassed when he discovered that his only daughter’s wish for a “tea party, but with mermaids” was not the act of patriotic defiance he had hoped.  “I see other kids protesting in the streets with their parents on the news.  So, when my baby girl asked, how could I say no?”, said Chad.

The six-year-old children still enjoyed the gathering and throwing all the boxes in the pool.  They laughed at the father when he dressed as an Indian and taunted, “No Mr. Steinway!  You’re supposed to dress as Prince Eric not Powahatan!”.

Mr. Steinway promised to make it up to his daughter soon by taking her and some friends to see the nice religious musical, “The Book of Mormon”.