Shocking NIMH Study: Men Spend Little Time Thinking


BETHESDA, MD – The National Institute of Mental Health released details on a shocking study last week.  An exhaustive study of 3276 men and 2954 women discovered that men spend less time thinking than women spend time thinking about what men are thinking. Let that sink in guys.  Your ‘Hold my beer’ moment is nothing compared to her, continual, ongoing, never ending, badgering of ‘penny for your thoughts’.

The study discovered for every time a woman takes 3 seconds to ask a man, “What are you thinking?”, the man in question spent less that 1 second actually thinking.  Odds were that he spent that 1 second considering what to watch on TV that evening.

Karen Karenstein, mother of 2 and suburban home maker, expressed her frustration with her husband of 12 years.  “Kyle is just so frustrating.  Every single time I ask him what he’s thinking, all I get from him is, “Nothing important honey.”  What Karen doesn’t realize is that that is exactly what Kyle was thinking.  About nothing important.