Space Force: Help Wanted – Hackxors and Phreaks


PETERSON AFB, CO – According to the Federal News Network, this week Space Force, Maj. General Crider, assistant to Chief of Space Operations, put out the call “requiring all Space Force members to be ‘digitally fluent’.”  Sh3 1s ch4rg3d w17h cr34t1ng 4 d1g174l s3rv1c3, 3st4b11sh1ng 4 c0r3 kn0w13d93 537, 4nd 9200m1n9 7h3 p20924mm325 4nd 3xp3275 70 p32f02m 1n 732m5 0f d474 m4n493m3n7 4nd d474 m4n1pu14710n.

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