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The Bandit is Gone but Not Forgotten

The Bandit is Gone but Not Forgotten

This week we saw the passing of the iconic star of the silver screen, Burt Reynolds.  Burt starred in films including Smokey and the Bandit, The Cannonball Run, and Deliverance.

Meanwhile, at a Honolulu restaurant, an irate Tom Selleck was overheard telling an embarrassed server, “You heard wrong.  I’m not dead.”

In other news, MGM Pictures will be rebooting their 1989 comedy, Weekend at Bernie’s.  This is expected to be Mr. Reynolds’ final role.

MGM to Reboot 80’s Comedy

Burt’s longtime partner, Ernie, could not be reached for comment, because he keeps using a banana as a telephone.

Ernie – Burt’s Partner
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