The New Cartel Led by Orange Uncle Trumppybags


CUPERTINO, CA – Jeff Bezos, Mark Zuckerberg, Sundar Pichai, and Rich Uncle Moneybags have vowed complete and total domination of every street in or around Atlantic City, NJ.  Having dominated their respective tech sectors, the quartet has moved on to real estate.  Inspired by the real estate mogul, Orange Uncle Trumppybags, the quartet has been buying up railroads, utilities, and properties.

All this success triggered the government to step in.  The last time the government went after a tech giant, it was 20 years ago in an attempt to break up Microsoft.  Once again, the bumbling bunch seated in the capitol are overseeing hearing where the legislature accuses 4 men worth about $5 trillion and those 4 men argue that their $5 trillion business are really not that powerful after all.  The hearings ended after the captains of tech convinced congress they were just playing Monopoly and were definitely not modern-day robber barons.