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Top Five Commandments for Texting

Top Five Commandments for Texting
  1. Thou shalt not ask more than 1 question in a single text.
  2. When asked more than one question in a single text, thou shall answer all the questions.
  3. Thou shalt not end a text in an ellipsis.
  4. Thou shalt not use commas in place of periods in an ellipsis.
  5. Thou shall
    not break
    text into smaller
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Jonathan is a degreed physicist and engineer by day, and amateur entertainer in the evenings.  He enjoys studying and performing improvised comedy and writing sketch comedy.  When he's had enough of listening to people complain, you can find him underwater scuba diving where he can't hear you.  It's like space.  No one can hear you, but not because of a vacuum.  No.  It's because you can't talk.  So it's like space, but without the radiation and deadly aliens that burst out of your chest.
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