Top Five Song to Get You to Your Destination

Top 5 List

So you’ve got to get somewhere, there’s a song that will tell you how to get there. Here’s our top five songs to get you to our top five destinations.

  • Last Train to Clarksville – The Monkees
  • The Bonnie Banks o’ Loch Lomond – Traditional
  • The Gambler – Kenny Rogers
  • Puff the Magic Dragon – Peter, Paul. and Mary
  • Midnight Train to Georgia – Gladys Night and the Pips

Going to Clarksville?
Take the Last Train

There’s a lot of Clarksvilles scattered about the country. You many not know how to get there, but if you take the Last Train, you can meet that special someone at the station.

Scotland Bound?
The Low Road is Best, but the High Road Will Do.

Who doesn’t want to be in the bonnie bonnie land of Scotland? Well if you want to get there fast the low road is the way to go, but in a pinch you have the option of taking high road, but bring snacks, it’s a longer route.

Need to Get to Nowhere?
Of Course You Take the Train.

Especially when it’s a warm summer’s eve. Not to be confused with warm Summers Eve, but that’s a hole different list.

Honna Lee Your Dream Destination?
You Travel on a Boat with Billowed Sails.

You spent 10 hours in a souless job your hate. The 5 year old has had her third glass of water. You’ve just finished reading the 8th bedtime story to your 3 year old. Now its time for you to go puff your on magic dragon. You know the one. In the empty jar of Quaker oatmeal in the back of the cupboard over the refrigerator. You’re going to make your own billowed sails and chill in Honna Lee. All while not worrying you might have misspelled Honna Lee.

The World He Left Behind?
What Else but the Midnight Train to Georgia

Been there done that. I know LA can bee too tough for a man, but when you go to get out of there theres only one way…You take the midnight train to Georgia.