Top Five Songs to Listen to While the Washington Football Team Ponders a New Name

Top 5 List
  • Kings of the Wild Frontier
  • Castles Made of Sand
  • Ten Little Indians
  • Run to the Hills
  • The Last Resort

The name says it all. The only thing missing is changing the team colors to black and white.

As I read the announcement last week I couldn’t help remembering the generic product craze from the 1970’s. Anyone else old enough to remember generic beer. Regardless of your thoughts and opinions on the necessity to change the name, you can’t deny that some people are justified in being offended by the name. Regardless crack open a generic beer and listen to these great songs.

5. Kings of the Wild Frontier – Adam and the Ants

4. Castles Made of Sand – The Jimi Hendrix Experience

3. Ten Little Indians – Michael Friedman and Alex Timbers

2. Run to the Hills – Iron Maiden

1. The Last Resort – Eagles