Where Are They Now? – Chuck Cunningham

Chuck Cunningham

MILWAUKEE, WI – In September 1975, Chuck Cunningham left for college only to be forgotten by his friends and family after a tragic sports injury.  “Mom, dad, Joanie…even Ronnie[sic] just forgot about me.  They never invite me to dinner.  Not a peep.”, proclaims Chuck Cunningham, eldest son of Howard and Marion.  It was hard for Chuck.  He didn’t have anyone to turn to so he turned inside himself.

Given a small gift of cash from his grandparent’s estate to complete his education following the cancellation of his basketball scholarship, Chuck used the money to become a KFC franchisee and attend community college for a business certificate.  For a short time, he found solace in his work as the city’s only fried chicken provider.

Unfortunately, the alienation from his family, dwindling profits, and his long-time girlfriend abandoning him weighed upon him and he became dependent upon alcohol.  The alcohol abuse led him to believe that the Hamburglar was skimming profits from his KFC.

In the fall of 1980, he was arrested for disturbing the peace and drunk and disorderly conduct for attempting to apprehend the Hamburglar from his restaurant’s trash dumpster.  It was a cat.  Frustrated with the charges, Chuck ran for sheriff to “turn the town around.”  The local population took pity and elected him.

Now Chuck Cunningham, brother to renowned Hollywood director Ronnie Cunningham, spends his days frying chicken and making biscuits.  He spends his nights keeping the 11 herbs and spices safe from the Hamburglar.  Or a cat.  Actually, just a cat.  No Hamburglar.  Chuck still drinks.  A lot.

…and that’s where Chuck Cunningham is now.