WKRP Episode Dissed. Yet Another Reason to Hate Fox News


Fox News released the 5 Best Thanksgiving Sitcom Episodes news story today.  Predominately missing from the list is the WKRP in Cincinnati Turkey Drop episode.  Much like the polling results in the recent 2020 election, the results of this BEST survey are clearly flawed. Below is a point by point analysis of the failures of polling.

Polsters had President Trump sweeping battleground statesThe Fox News Best poll includes Brooklyn Nine-Nine. Nuff Said?
Pollsters have Vice-President elect Harris is poised to enact the 25th amendment on or about January 22nd to assume the presidency.The Fox News Best poll includes the Cheers Thanksgiving episode, which is a rip-off of A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving
Pollsters had Biden by a landslide.The Fox News Best poll of sitcoms has Seinfeld at the clear top winner.
Pollsters (Neilson) advised cancelling WKRP in 1982.The first run of the Final WKRP episode was ranked number 7.
Why Polling Sucks in America

Now go watch the WKRP Turkey Drop episode.  There is no substitute.