Yazoo County Couple Relieved Divorce Allows Them to Remain Uncle and Niece


YAZOO, MS – After meeting each other on the online dating site, ancestry.com [sic], Pam and Bo Dubois marry and set out to spend the rest of their lives together.  Unfortunately, a lack of skills that could provide financial stability, a mutual love of apple pie moonshine, and IQs below 90 led to marital strife and dissatisfaction after 6 months of marriage.  The couple filed for a no-fault divorce with the Yazoo county clerk.

Although the year is 2020 and Barack Obama has been out of the White House for nearly 4 years, the couple were adamant that this was “Obama’s fault not no-fault.”  They parted ways without further bickering and vowed to get together for Thanksgiving dinner at nan na’s; relieved because the divorce didn’t annul their family bonds.